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Greeting from the President

Thank you for your consistent and loyal patronage.

Since the foundation of Maruhide in 1950, we have been mainly manufacturing pressed sheet-metal parts and components for trucks, passenger cars, forklifts, and other transportation vehicles. Maruhide features the capability to manage about 12,000 types of parts and deliver more than 3,300 pieces of parts to our customers everyday. Our production management ability sustaining the capability in the background is well evaluated by our customers. Another feature of Maruhide is implementation of production systems appropriate for production volumes. The volume of production depends on the part and varies from a few pieces per lot to more than million pieces. We can configure a production system best-suited for the costs and term. Maruhide is also proud of high-level production technologies. We have energy-saving equipment and metal tools and jigs manufactured in-house for better quality and lower costs. Our press machining is precision and distinctive from other manufacturers.

Our policy is to deliver trust, satisfaction, and gratification to our customers, taking account of the environment as well as quality, costs, and date of delivery. In addition to that, with respect to the local community, we intend to make efforts as a member of the community. Also we intend to be a company we can be hopeful for and proud of in the future together with companions. We are going to do our best for the policy and intentions; we hope you will continue to patronize us.

Takashi Kobayashi , President
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