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Press Machines

1000-t Transfer Press

Our 1000-t transfer press is the only one operated in the Yamagata prefecture. Equipped with a coiled steel feeder, the press machine supports progressive transfer. It also supports up to 12 processes with 350-mm pitches and up to 6 processes with 700-mm pitches for high-precision processing. Its moving bolsters allow mold replacement in a short time.

500-t Press Machine with Leveler Line Pacer

We have one 500-ton press machine, three 300-ton press machines, and two 110-ton press machines. The 300-ton press machines support progressive transfer for the plate thickness of up to 9.0 mm. The 200-ton press machine is equipped with a servo control mechanism that enables high-speed and high-precision processing. The 110-ton machines can handle coiled steel with the width of up to 20 mm and are suitable for mass production of small parts.

The line pacer post-processes the work handled by a press machine with leveler. It is intended to process those to be reversed in processing or those for which work yields are low in processing with progressive transfer.

600-t Turbo Press Machine with Leveler Automatic Parts Box Loader for 600-t Press Machine

The stroke speed is free adjustable, so the best-suited conditions are available for processing of some kinds of target work and the production efficiency, mold life, and processing precision get better.

The 1000-t and 600-t machines are equipped with an automatic parts box loader for automated parts collection.

Q.D.C (Quick Die Change) System

The introduction of the Q.D.C. system has resulted in various effects.

1) Standardization of mold designs and reduction of design leadtime by unitization
2) Reduction of mold costs by common utilization of mold parts, lowering of mold weights, and shortening of arrangement time
3) Reduction of processing time and assemble time by mold unitization
4) Increased mold storage space

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