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Office with Automation Computers

Although we have more than 30,000 parts to be managed by master data, we are on-line with our customers and we have an our-specific manufacturing/management system covering processes from production planning, material procurement, work instruction issuance, to delivery ordering are fully systemized so that we can satisfy our customers with short time of delivery and best-suited costs even in cases of prototype manufacturing and mass-production of over ten thousand pieces per month.

Our work progress is real-time monitored from the office to prevent troubles of shipment and delivery. In our press work processes, work loads are checked by machine for proper arrangement of personnel and coordination between work processes. In addition, our Tokyo headquarters and Yamagata factories are online to share important data.


As well as our molds (transfer molds and progressive molds) and jigs, our energy-saving equipment and inspection equipment are designed and made in-house for implementation of lower costs and better quality. In our mold department, the Q.D.C. system has been introduced for some processes for full standardization resulting in reduction of mold costs, space saving, and work improvements.

In our mold manufacture planning, the manufacturing processes are estimated backward according to the date of delivery and the design - processing - assembly processes are fixed.

Quality Control

We state built-in quality as our motto. Our quality control department has established a system to vouch for our products. On the other hand, we are eager to give training to the workers, temporary staff, and outside contractors for better skills. Also we are actively making quality improvement activities and small group activities for more reduction of costs.

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